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We are a technology company and recognize that our customers look to us for innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges. To provide those solutions, we must be constantly looking for new approaches, developing new machines and processes, and using our engineering and technical skills to implement them in a timely manner.

Research and Development 

As a family owned business we always take the long term view.
As a company that sells technology and innovation, we believe we must constantly reinvest in the development of new products and new ideas.
The opening of our new research and development center provides the ideal environment for technology advancement.



Our staff of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers have the latest technology at their disposal. All mechanical design is done on 3D CAD workstations and we maintain compatibility with all major file formats. A company wide intranet ensures quick and reliable internal file transfer and CAE/CAM is widely used. Our secure FTP site is available for data transfer to and from our customers.





The maintenance of confidentiality is very important to Boucherie. From password protected file transfer sites to separate locations for new product testing, we make every effort to ensure that our customer’s confidential product information is protected.

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