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Automatic caroussel machine for brooms 


The TCU/CNC machine is a heavy duty street broom machine capable of processing vegetable od synthetic filaments.

The long stroke filling tools, when equipped with ceramic slides, give excellent wear resistance. Available in single or double configurations, the horizontal fibre boxes afford the operator easy access for replenishing consumed filaments.



  • Stationary position for manual unloading of tufted brush and loading of new blocks makes it easy and safe for the operator.

  • Automatic transfer between the loading, drilling and filling stations

  • Sturdy carrousel, with heavy duty support for the tables during drilling and filling

  • Broom up to 24” ( 620 mm) long can be manufactured in one operation. Special version for brooms up to 1 meter available.
  • Labeling units, hot stamping/branding units, and pad printing units. Available on machines with automatic block loading
  • Automatic transfer to an integrated finishing machine with rotary trimmers available



Axes: 5    
Filling tools: 2    
Drills: 2    
Stroke (mm): 120 160           180
Speed (tufts/min): 660 500 500
Maximum fiber length (mm): 320 420 420
Minimum fiber length (mm): 60 60 60
Maximum filling tool (mm): 9.6    
Minimum filling tool (mm): 3.5    
Power consumption (nL/min): 130    
Dimensions (mm): L 5721   W 5644    H 2140