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Automatic carrousel machine with 2 filling tools and 2 drills for the production of all kinds of brooms and brushes


TCU is a universal quick-change carrousel double header. The TCU range of machines is based on a modular concept. The core is a double-header carrousel-type drilling and filling machine that is designed especially to make the widest possible range of Household, Industrial and personal care brushes with a minimal change-over time.

Extremely high output, utmost flexibility and easy accessibility were the design parameters, and are today the most important attributes of these machines.



  • Full 5-axis CNC control with no motors or electronics in the carrousel
  • Automatic transfers between loading, drilling and filling stations
  • Safe operation with manual loading on stationary clamps during the drilling and filling
  • Filling tools with caramic inserts available for extremely long tool life
  • Toolless change-over: "click-on" brush holder tables available for a wide variety of brush models




Filling tools: 2    
Drills: 2    
Strocke (mm): 95 65 35
Speed (tufts/min): 1100 1200 1400
Maximum fiber length (mm): 280 160 70
Minimum fiber length (mm): 40 40 40
Maximum filling tool (mm): 7.3    
Minimum filling tool (mm): 1.6    
Power consumption (kW): 12    
Air consumptioon 'nL/min:) 125-500    
Dimensions (mm): L 3169       W 2266      H 2140