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Automatic carrousel machine for fine brushware


TCA is a high-speed production cell for fine brushware. The TCA machine is based on the proven TCU modular concept, but equipped especially for the production of dishbrushes, bathbrushes or other fine brushware. Extremely high output, good flexibility and easy accessibility were the design parameters, and are today the most important attributes of these machines.

Short-stroke anchor filling tools with sliding jaws can fill brushes with complex shapes at a very high speed. With the automatic fibre loading system installed, the machine can run for more than one hour without the need to refill filaments.

The trimming station has an integrated servo-driven movement to trim even round brushes in a very short cycle time: nearly 1000 Scandinavian style dishbrushes per hour can be produced.



  • Double-header carrousel with servo-driven indexing: stand-still time of less than 2 seconds

  • High-speed filling tools with 35mm toolstroke

  • Full 5-axis CNC control without motors or electronics in the carrousel

  • Double or triple fibreboxes available

  • More automation  such as fibre and handle loading, packaging available





Axes:       5    
Filling tools:  2
Drills:  2
Stroke (mm): 35
Speed (tufts/min): up tp 1400
Maximum fiber length (mm):  70
Minimum fiber length (mm):  30
Maximum filling tool (mm):  4.5
Minimum filling tool (mm):  1.5
Power consumption (kW):  12
Air consumption (nL/min):  500
Dimensions (mm)  L 3169        W 2266    H 2140