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Automatic tufting line for toothbrushes with tapered filaments


The TB3/TF machine is a high-speed, high precision tufting machine with one single filling tool, especially designed to process tapered filaments. It has a high precision picking system that reduces the speed of the tuft during the picking, and keeps the tuft positively clamped during its way into the filling tool, to the very moment it is securely folded. The timing of the filling tool is optimized for even tufting, and every part of the tool has been redesigned to improve the tufting quality. Automation is available to reduce the manual handling of the delicate filaments, so that the whole process passes in the best circumstances and in the most positive way.

The TB3/TF is available as a manually loaded machine with a stack hopper or an infeed conveyor, but can also be further automated with a choice of automatic handle feeders, all with a positive transfer of the handles from the moment they leave the handle container until they are placed in the clamps of the turret.



  • Optional CNC controlled tuft insertion angle, CNC controlled tuft clearer and more available
  • Optional automatic fibre loading system for tapered filaments, bundle by bundle, or from a storage conveyor
  • Optional leveling feature inthe fibrebox, which makes sure that all filaments are even before they are picked
  • Optional CNC tuft support under the picker, to tuft brushes with different material lengths



Speed (tufts/min) 1000
Output (br/min) 35
Power consumption (kW) 1.6
Air consumption (nL/min) 112
Dimensions (mm) L 3039     W 2538     H 2140