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Compact automatic toothbrush production line


The machine of the TB3-FM range are high-speed tufting machines with one single filling tool, running at up to 1000 tufts per minute with extremely quiet and vibration-free running, with an integrated finishing machine. All of these machines are available with a manually loade stack hopper, or a choice of automatic handle feeders, all with positive transfer of the handles, from the moment they leave the handle container to the moment they are placed in the turret clamps. After tufting, the products are automatically transferred into the integrated finishing machine. Handling devices with servo-motors are available to reduce the cycle times in case of brushes with few tufts, so that up to 34 brushes per minute can be produced. Finishing machines are available with a different number of work stations, depending on the complexity of the product and the number of operations that have to be performed. On the FM-A, FM/L-A and FML-A2, longitudinal end rounding is available for a consistently smooth and glossy end-rounded surfzce finishng along the length of the brush head.



  • Hotstamping and decal presses are available
  • Automatic fibre load system "FLS" Very reliable, and can be used for any kind of wrapping with any kind of tension. Swing-away construction for easy access to the machine
  • Date coding  available by means of embossing, heated embossing, or laser coding
  • TB3 machines are available with Rotary turret clamps for special brush designs that require a variable anchor insertion angle
  • Self-adjusting universal FM clamps available: adjust one clamp once according to the brush head, and all other clamps are then adjusted automatically



Filling tools 1 1 1  1
 Speed (tufts/min)  1000 1000 1000 1000
Output (br/min-up to) 34 34  34 34
Number of trimming units (up to) 8 4  2  1
Number of end-rounding units (up to) 8 6  2  1
Brush cleaning possible Yes Yes Yes  No
Hot stamping possible Yes Yes  Yes  No
Date coding possible Yes Yes  Yes  No