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Stand-alone tufting machine for the production of personal care brushes (hair dye brush, eye brow brush....) or other (shaver cleaning brush...)


All kinds of filaments can be tufted at high speed and with excellent consistency of the tufting. Different options and accessories are available for special brush design, such as CNC controlled anchor insertion angle or CNC controlled picker eye.

Brush handles can be fed into the machine from an infeed conveyor in the case of handles with a difficult shape or lots of TPE, so there is no friction for reliable running and cleaner products. Precise and positive transfer into the turret clamps of the tufting machine.







  • Very precise and high speed machine
  • Different options: CNC controlled anchor insertion angle, CNC controlled picker eye
  • Optional infeed conveyor for brush handles





Filling tools 1
Speed (tufts/min) 1000
Output (br/min) 35
Power consumption (kW) 75
Dimensions (mm) L   2472   W 1907   H 2140