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Automatic carrousel machine for all kinds of brushware


SCU is a universal quick-change carrousel single header machine. The SCU range of machines is based on a modular concept. The core is a single-header carrousel type drilling and filling machine that is designed especially to make the widest possible range of household, industrial, and personal care brushes possible with a minimal change-over time.

Utmost flexibility and easy accessibility were the design parameters, and are today the most important attributes of these machines.



  • Single header machine with 3 of 4 stations

  • Windows based control system with elaborate diagnostics system

  • Drilling and filling of brooms up to 600 mm (24”) possible in one operation

  • Ideally suited for the production of hygienic brushes because of the very short change-over times and the possibility of extreme tuft angles

  • Different levels of automation available



Axes:       5    
Filling tools:  1
Drills:  1
Stroke (mm):  45 65              95
Speed (tufts/min):  600 600 560
Maximum fiber length (mm):  70 180 280
Minimum fiber length (mm):  20 40


Maximum filling tool (mm):  7.3
Minimum filling tool (mm):  1.6
Power consumption (kW):  12
Air consumption (nL/min):  100
Dimensions (mm)  L 2687        W 2066    H 2140