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Anchorless toothbrush line using a new and revolutionary technology


PTt technology makes the manufacturing of anchorless toothbrushes simpler, and offers a wide variety of design options. Just like a conventional toothbrush machine, the PTt works with standard toothbrush handles with pre-cored holes, as well as pre-cut filament pucks. A fibrebox with in-line end-rounding feature ensures excellent product quality.
The PTt is available as a manually loaded machine, or with all possible automation to reduce operator labour to a minimum. Depending on the number of stations and the exact configuration, there are PTt machines available with outputs from 22 up to 48 brushes per minute.
PTt is available with AFT-style tuft picking, or with the V-Air vacuum technology.

  • No welding, clicking or toher additional assembly steps
  • Minimal border from the tufts to edge of the brush head
  • Standard toothbrush handles with pre-cored holes, single or multiple material handles
  • Large variety of toothbrush handle materials, including transparent materials
  • Contactless fusing of the filaments
  • No need for head plates
  • Non-flat brush heads possible, stepped in 1 or 2 directions, 2D curved or 3D curved
  • Excellent process stability, with consistent and high tuft retention
  • Simple tooling, quick change over
  • Rubber cleaning elements in the head possible, between the tufts or on the sides of the head, tongue cleanders in the back, etc.



Output (br/min):       22-48                                    
End rounding: Pre-endrounding
Fibre colors: Up to 5
Power consumption (kW) 6.5
Air consumption (nL/min)


Dimensions (mm)  L 5543       W 5516        H 2140