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Over 50 years ago, a division specializing in the design and construction of injection moulds for the plastic industry was started. Under the name of "Plast-O-Form", moulds primarly for brush blocks were delivered to the industry, but this quickly diversified into moulds for all kind of plastic items.


With the advent of two-component toothbrush handles in the late eighties, the first Boucherie multi material injection moulds using Boucherie's own, proprietary technology were developed. the spirit of innovation, which is so characteristic for Boucherie, later lead to more original and spectacular developments, such as Flexi Cube, our multi component moulding.


Today, Boucherie has grown to be a well-recognized high-tech mold builder, specializing in the design, building and testing of multi-cavity moulds for various industries around the world like health care, medical care, technical and consumer.