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Boucherie develops technology, and designs, builds and tests high precision molds vor various industries around the world.


The solid base for this, comes from a team of creative minds to perform the engineering, a machine shop with a selection of top class machine tools, strict quality control throughout the processes and an in-house test ares with a large variety of modern injection machines, combined with the experience and craftsmanship of a team of loyal employees.


Boucherie is a technology company, and we thrive on innovation. The requirements of our customers continually pushes us to come up with sophisticated solutions. For the mass productin of high-quality multi-component items for the medical or consumer products industry, there is our proprietary Flexi Cube technology; based on a stack mould construction with a stationary central cube around which a transfer system moves, this mold concept offers options for cooling stations, in-mold assembly, in-mold insertion and off-load stations.


Welcome to the high tech world of Boucherie.