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Ovale: Setting new standards for the production of household brushes [17/03/2017]

At the InterBrush 2016 show in Freiburg, the Boucherie Borghi Group introduced its new flagship in the household brush machinery range machine. Ovale is a double-head machine, designed with the needs of the brush makers in mind:  very high performance while still flexible and universal, easy to maintain and ergonomical to operate.


Ovale is a truly a revolutionary machine in so many aspects: very universal with 5 axis CNC control, continuously drilling and filling for a higher output, a very quick and easy to fill handle feeding conveyor, electronic trimming by means of servomotors, and excellent accessibility for change-over and maintenance. The operator workspace is kept compact, with a well thought-out layout, which adds to the overall efficiency and safety of the machine.


The core of the Ovale machine is the well-known carrousel principle. However, Ovale is truly unique because the stations are completely independent of each other, each with its own motors and controls, which gives many advantages.




More output:  the drilling and filling stations can be positioned close to each other, so that the drilling and filling cycles seamlessly flow into each other, with continuously running drills and filling tools and no index time on many brush models. In combination with the high speed of up to 1200 tufts per minute, this results in a higher output, less energy consumption and less wear and tear on the machine.


More flexibility:  the turret in the trimming station can move independently, and the trimming shape is defined in the CNC program of the machine. Furthermore, the trimming and flagging units are very easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.



More efficiency:  the turrets move through the trimming station and the loading station independently, so that more time can be spent trimming and flagging when less time is required for loading new blocks.


More versatility:  Tuft flare of 90° in each direction is possible as a standard, so the extreme tuft angles can be spread as much as 180° apart. These extreme tuft configurations are particularly interesting for the manufacturers of modern design brushes, with special tuft layout features which were unheard of until now. A platform broom (aka: push broom) version of Ovale is available which will manufacture brooms up to 620 mm (24”) end-to-end. Easy to change brush holders are also available for toilet brushes and dish brushes.




More options for product design:  On top of the tuft flare of 90° in each direction, Ovale is available with double or triple fibre-boxes for more filament types in the product, or longer autonomy of the machine.





More ergonomics: The layout of the machine is compact, with all work stations close together, so the operator has to move less, and can keep up with the high throughput of the machine. Loading of the blocks is quick because the conveyor has large bins that don’t require precise positioning of the blocks. The block loading system has an automatic orientation and positioning feature.




More durability: Ovale is built to last, and easy to maintain; the machine’s motors, wiring and motion guides are at the top of the oval turret, where dirt and dust does not gather easily. This keeps the most dirt sensitive parts of the machine clean for many years of trouble free operation. The floor under the tools and turrets is completely open and easily accessible for quick and easy cleaning.


More user-friendliness: User-friendly programming software is available to program the machine from an office computer or to modify existing programs on the industrial PC controller of the machine. In this way, production does not have to be interrupted for the development of new products. This newly developed Windows-based software is easy to use, allows quick changes of the hole-pattern and tuft angles, and will give the user a three-dimensional “walk-around” preview of the product on the screen.


With Ovale, the Boucherie Borghi Groups sets new standards for household brush manufacturing equipment.  Continuous development to set the bar higher for brush manufacturing technology is key to the success of the future of brush manufacturing.


Boucherie Borghi Group… Giving More.


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