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New AVT-S6: Anchorless toothbrush production at low cost [09/12/2016]

V-Air Machines, member of the Boucherie Borghi Group, developed the new and highly competitive AVT-S6 machine for the production of anchorless toothbrushes, which is ideal for the toothbrush manufacturer to enter the growing market of anchorless toothbrushes with a high-output machine at the lowest investment.


With an output of 29 brush heads per minute (independent on the number of tufts: up to 50 tufts with 2 filament boxes), the AVT-S6 has nearly the same productivity as its larger brother, the AVT-S12. However, the AVT-S6 only requires a substantially lower investment than the AVT-S12, which was displayed at Interbrush 2016 in Freiburg. The AVT-S6 produces high quality, anchorless toothbrush heads with only 6 carrousel stations, and the footprint is just 1.6 x 1.6 square meters. Meanwhile, its big brother, the AVT-S12 has a slightly higher output and offers a few more product design options regarding tuft angles.



Every single tuft in the brush head can be customized individually


  • regarding length
  • tuft diameters
  • filament colors
  • filament material
  • The tuft hole section can have any shape: round, oval, rectangular, star-shaped.  Only the tuft inclination is limited to 4 degrees on the AVT-S6
  • Up to 4 filament boxes can be installed


As good as all advantages of the known AVT-S12 also apply here


  • lowest wear and tear
  • low spare part costs
  • no waste of filament material
  • no dust
  • fast change-over to another brush design
  • low cost for change-over kits

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