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AFT toothbrush technology: "there is no comparison" [13/10/2016]

Forming toothbrush trim patterns with Boucherie's anchorless technology


One of the main advantages over conventional technology has always been the same : AFT will allow to make any type of topography of the bristle tips with unsurpassed end-rounding quality, using a simple yet sophisticated technique that requires a minimum of production steps and surprisingly little means.

The machine is equipped with an in-line pre-endrounding system, which means that pre-cut filaments are put in the fibrebox of the machine, automatically or manually, after which they are end-rounded before being picked and tufted. A 5-colour fibrebox allows to use a wide variety of bristle types in the product, and each filament type has its own end-rounding device. In other words, the end-rounding process can be optimized depending upon thickness, texture and/or colour of the filaments. All bristles of the same type are end-rounded in the same conditions, so that all bristle tips will later show an identical end-rounding quality, no matter where they are inserted in the brush.


Once the pattern of the brush has been picked, the bristles are pushed into the product in a single step, by means of a set of pre-shaped pins. The end-rounded bristle tips are resting against these profiled plunger tips, so that a perfect rendition of the intended topography is obtained. Once the topography has been shaped, the bristles are fixed in place, and the finishing of the bristles does not require any further steps. This means that, no matter how complex the final product is, there is only one “shaping” step. There is no vast line of expensive and difficult to re-sharpen profiled trimming units, there are no complex spreader systems, and there is no range of end-rounding units that give a less than satisfactory result on products where there is a substantial difference between long and short bristles.


The products shown in the illustrations clearly show what options brush designers have when working with Boucherie’s AFT anchorless technology : large and small tufts can be mixed, inserted in any place in the product, with no concerns for anchor insertion angles or cracking of the brush head. Large filaments concentrations can be placed there where the product needs it for optimal efficiency, with long bristles for interdental action and short bristles for scrubbing. A combination of angles tufts in different directions, non-flat brush head surface and other product-enhancing features can all be obtained by means of a relatively simple 2-axis controlled machine that can be maintained by any good technician.


When it comes to top quality products of the highest sophistication, there is simply no comparison. There is only Boucherie AFT.

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