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The Boucherie manufacturing facility is one of the most sophisticated of its type


The Boucherie manufacturing facility is equipped to be capable of manufacturing the widest array of parts possible and it is one of the most sophisticated of its type. With the same care that went into mould design, all parts are manufactured.

There, all elements defined and derived during the earlier phases of product development, prototyping, and mould design, your concept is brought to phisical reality.






Robotized handling of parts is used to optimize efficiency


A choice of machining technologies is available, from high speed machining centers for smaller complex parts all the way up to large machines that will handle parts up to 1.6x1.6x1.3 meters, many of which are 5-axis controlled.

Wherever possible, fully automated unmanned production si ensured by robotized andling of parts as well as loading and unloading of machine tools.

All critical machining operations can be carried out in a climate-controlled environment.









From single workpiece to serial production


Several lathes with driven tools, equiped with a singl or double head, eliminate the need for transferring parts from a lathe to a machining center, thus streamlining the flow of parts through the workshop.

A balanded number of high flexibility machines for single workpiece manufacturing and customized configurations for small serial production are there to make the parts for your mould in a cost effective way






Optimal repeatability on moulds with a high number of cavities


The combination of high-precision electrodes and the newest generation of die-sink EDM machines gives high precision cavities that need a minimum of manual polishing.


Tolerance are kept tight and the critical dimensions are continuously checked.

Throughout all manufacturing processes, stringent quality control is kept on all components.