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For the production of interdental and mascara brushes


All operations are done in the same clamp for a superior product quality. Ergonomic design with a minimal use of floorspace.
Flexible and versatile for a wide product design range
Spool feed of fibrebox for pre-cut fibre available
Prepared for easy integration with assembly and packaging systems.



  • Redesigned clamping system for the brush wire with a larger clamping range for quicker change-overs

  • Re-engineered clamping chucks in a high-tech material for reduced use of wear parts

  • Electronic wire feeding and electronic wire forming for reduced bending radii of the smallest products

  • Increased output: up to 5400 brushes per hour

Technical data


Min wire diameter (mm) 0.18
Max wire diameter (mm) 0.9
Max total brush length (mm) 73
Max head length (mm) 32
Max trim diameter (mm) 10
Power consumption (kW) 2
Air consumption (nL/min) 220
Dimensions L 1413   W 1613      H 2140