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Stand alone tufting machine



The Hepta is an economical, high speed tufting machine for toothbrushes: the filling tool is completely new and redesigned with an absolute minimum of parts and as good as no adjustments, so that maintenance is minimized and set-up is quick. All movements are controlled by means of servomotors, and the touch screen interface is easy to use wih clear messages. The controller can hold plenty of different programs. As a standard, the machine is equipped with a triple fibre box, so that brushes with 3 different types of filaments can be made.

The Hepta is available as a manually loaded machine, with a stack hopper or infeed conveyor, or with a simple automatic handle feeder to reduce the labor around the machine.


  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Economically priced, but built with high-quality components
  • Wire feeding controlled by servo motor for consistent and precise anchor length
  • Minimum of wear parts
  • High tufting speed of up to 1000 tufts per minute
  • Equipped with an airconditioning unit on the electrical cabinet




Speed (tufts/min) 1000
Output (br/min) 35
Power consumption (kW) 1
Air consumption (nL/min) 30
Dimensions (mm) L 1165        W 666          H 1075