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Automatic high speed finishing machine


The FM range are automatic high speed finishing machines for high-quality toothbrushes. The FML-A2 is a high-capacity chain type finishing machine with an output of up to 75 brushes per minute and a very compact construction because of the double-clamp system. It is loaded in safe conditions, away from the moving conveyor chain. It has up to 6 trimming stations and up to 10 end-rounding stations, and can be used in combination with 2 or 3 tufting machines such as the  Hepta or the TB3-A to make an efficient and flexible high-output production cell.

In combination with one single header machines, the FM/L-A, FM-A, FS-A or TS-A are the ideal match, depending on the type of finishing required for the product and the number of other peripheral operations such as cleaning, hot stamping or date coding.



  • Automatic ejection of the finished products
  • Hot stamping and decal presses are available
  • Date coding available by means of embossin, heated embossing, or laser coding
  • Newly designed brush, handle and clamp cleaning station available
  • Boucherie's unique re-engineered and upgraded drum-endrounding units give an excellent high-gloss finish, also on profiled trims
  • On the FM-A, FM/L-A and FML-A2, longitudinal end-rounding is available for a consistent finish along the length of the brush head



Output (br/min - up to) 75 35 35  30  30
Number of trimming units (up to) 6 8  4  2  1
Number of end-rounding units (up to) 10 8  6  2  1
Brush cleaning possible Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Hot stamping possible Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Date coding possible Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Power consumption (kW) 6.2      
Air consumption (nL/min) 150      
Dimensions  (FML-A2) L 3688     W 2525      H 2140 (FML-A2)