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Compact universal single header


The DMU-1 for personal brushware is equipped with a high-precision picker system and a short-stroke filling tool, so that fine brushware can be produced with high quality. The same machine can be used for flat hairbrushes, bath brushes, radial or half-round hairbrushes, or rubber pad brushes because it has 5 numerically controlled axes, and brush holder turrets can be exchanged very quickly.



  • Single, double, triple or porcupine fibrebox available

  • Automatic transfer from drilling to filling station

  • Very high speed : up to 600 tufts per minute

  • Easy and safe to operate : loading and unloading far away from the drill and the filling tool. Horizontal fibrebox at an easy-load level for improved ergonomy.

Technical data


Axes 2
Filling tool 1
Drills 1
Stroke (mm) 45
Speed (tufts/min) 600
Max fiber length (mm) 70
Min fiber length (mm) 20
Max filling tool (mm) 6 (anchor)
Min filling tool (mm) 1.4 (anchor)
Power consumption (kW) 8
Air consumption (nL/min) 30
Dimensions: L  2469    W 1566   H 2140