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The after-sales support is one of the pillars of our company. Even after a long time, we always keep a close relationship with our customers. Our staff is available to provide all the necessary support with the utmost care and expertise.

The after-sales support will always be at your side to provide in real time all the necessary information.

The objectives on which our service is based are:


  • support the customer through application consulting and experience, the result of  90 years of presence in the brush industry;
  • make available all the necessary skills: mechanical, engineering and electronic.








From the left behind: Stefaan Beels and Birger Cnockaert

From the left on the front: Stephane Vangelder, Henk Dewulf and Joke Vandekerckhove



Spare parts:


Tel no: +32 (0)51 31 21 41









Remote support:


With TeamViewer we can remotely control your  machine's PC that is connected to the Internet.

Please download here the latest version of Team Viewer.

Please click here for instruction PDF