In-mold assembly, in-mold insertion & stack mould

Flexi Cube technology offers options for in-mold assembly and in-mold insertion.

Mold technology by Boucherie. Boucherie develops technology, and designs, builds and tests high precision molds vor various industries around the world.


We have a technology Flexi Cube that offers options for in mold assembly and in mold insertion


This particular mould is a 5 station mould:


  • STATION 1 - 24 cavities for the injection of the first material
  • STATION 2 - cooling
  • STATION 3 - 24 cavities for the injection of the second component
  • STATION 4 - 24 cavities for the injection of the third component
  • STATION 5 - outside the mould for product ejection of removal during an active moulding cycle


Flexi Cube technology; based on a stack mould construction

The core of this ingenious Flexi Cube mould is a stack design with a central stationary cube around which circumference various stations are provided and which are linked by a transport-system that travels around this cube.


Versions for 4 or more components can be built with or without intermediate cooling stations between injection stations where desired or further with one or more ejection stations or positions where premade structures can be inserted (insert-moulding).

More simple applications incluse two component moulding, with maximum cavitation in stack configuration, or combined with any of the extra functions described above.

Because the central cube is stationary, the interface with the injection moulding machine can be kept simple. It is comparable to a regular stack mould, in this respect.


For more information on in-mold assembly, in-mold insertion and stack mould, do not hesitate to contact us.



In-mold insertion In-mold assembly


Flexi cube stack mould

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